True to His Ways – Paperback Edition


This book gently answers questions about Charismatic spiritual practices such as being slain in the spirit, and explains why they are unbiblical and ought to be avoided. It examines the amazing parallels between the experiences of kundalini yoga devotees and charismatics. For example, “Slain in the spirit” is equivalent to “shaktipat” in yoga, and “soaking in the spirit” is like “samadhi.” There are also parallels with spiritual drunkenness, manifestations, prophesying, spiritual warfare, and so forth.

5.5 x 8.5″
326 pages
13: 978-1-932124-61-3
13: 9781932124613


In time past, the God of Israel set in place certain ways for His people to seek and commune with Him. And, He forbad other ways; in particular, He forbad occult practices. God’s commands for spiritual practice are as important for Christians today as they were for the Jews under the Old Covenant. All believers need to understand the difference between godly and occult spiritual practice. However teaching in this area, if you can find it, is weak and incomplete.

True to His Ways fills the gap. This important surveys Bible teachings on the occult and shows how to distinguish true Christian spirituality from the occult counterfeit. It thoughtfully explores questions such as:

What is true godly spiritual practice?

Why does God forbid occult practices?

Does the Holy Spirit ask us to open up and submit to Him?

Why does the anointing seem to remain with leaders who fall into sin?

What is the difference between true prophecy and occult prophecy?

When does spiritual warfare become occult?

What about spiritual drunkenness?

Ruth writes with clarity and with gentleness. She spent years in the Charismatic movement and understands it.


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