Fruitful Lessons upon the Passion, Burial, Resurrection, Ascension, and of the Sending of the Holy Ghost

This is a facsimile of the small book of Myles Coverdale as reprinted in modern spelling by the Parker Society. Coverdale wrote this treatise circa 1540. His English is remarkably modern compared to other writers of his period, and readers will be pleased by how easy he is to understand.

Coverdale proceeds chronologically, expounding the sequence of events set forth in the four Gospels from the Passion of Christ through to Pentecost, in short sections that are perfect for devotional reading. They would also serve well for a series of sermons.

Coverdale’s Fruitful Lessons contain the pure preaching of Christ – “gathered,” as he wrote, “out of the four Evangelists, with a plain exposition of the same.” Poetic, profound, and anchored to the Word of God as it was most purely revealed in the early Reformation, this book reaches up to heaven itself. It lives up to its name and is worthy oft to be read.