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The October Testament: The New Testament of the New Matthew Bible

This is William Tyndale’s New Testament as it was published in the 1537 Matthew Bible, complete with original commentaries by Tyndale and John Rogers, and all gently updated by Ruth Magnusson Davis. It also includes Tyndale’s prologue to Romans, which he took from Martin Luther.

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Coverdale Books

Myles Coverdale was one of the translators of the Matthew Bible along with William Tyndale. He published many excellent doctrinal and devotional works in the early English Reformation, some translated from the European Reformers. Our facsimile editions of his works are from modern-spelling editions published in the 19th century. We guarantee no missing pages and the very best quality.

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The Story of the Matthew Bible: Part 1

Part 1: The true and neglected history of the Matthew Bible and the men who gave it to us. A vivid and passionate account of how England received God’s word in her own language in the turbulent days of the Reformation.

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The Story of the Matthew Bible: Part 2

Based on new research, Part 2 is a lively review of the history of revisions to the English Scriptures after the Matthew Bible first entered the stream of English versions through the Great and Geneva Bibles. Some will surprise the reader. This book is a vindication of the only English Bible that was bought with blood.

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True to His Ways: Purity & Safety in Christian Spiritual Practice

An examination of the Charismatic movement combining exhaustive research, clarity, and sensitivity, showing why many charismatic spiritual practices, such as “slaying in the Spirit” and “soaking in the Spirit” are wrong: in brief, because they are occult. They are shared with occultists in other religions, and closely mirror Kundalini Yoga. Ruth was involved in the movement and understands it. A must-read for anyone with questions about the Charismatic movement


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Table of Counterfeit Gifts and Beliefs
Contrasts Charismatic and orthodox Christian teaching. Provided free with a purchase of True to His Ways. Otherwise, please contact us to purchase.

Why I Became an Anglican
Ruth’s personal testimony. $2.00US or 10 for $15, plus S&H.

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Hope of the Faithful

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