A Sweet Exposition on Psalm 23

This book contains Myles Coverdale’s translation of Martin Luther’s essay on Psalm 23. It is a facsimile of the 1846 republication by the Parker Society in modern spelling.

Luther wrote a long commentary on Psalm 23. In it he taught – in accordance with the ancient Christian interpretation, now forgotten – that in Psalm 23 David was speaking about the word of God. The green pasture is the word of God, especially as it is given forth in the church. God’s word is also refreshing water, the table that is set before us in the presence of our enemies, and a cup that is always full.

The appendix to the book shows how new translations and commentaries lost the link between Psalm 23 and the word of God.

Also included is Coverdale’s treatise, An Exhortation to the Carrying of Christ’s Cross. He wrote it while under house arrest, after Queen Mary ascended the throne in England. It is a passionate plea to Christians to meet persecution with patience and courage.

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